Granite 999 Fine Art Reproductions

The Granite Guarantee

At Granite we firmly believe in the quality of our product and we stand behind that product 100%. If you damage a Qoro Replica™ we will replace it at no charge. Simply return the damaged product to Granite and we will send you a new one.

It became very time consuming trying to explain the differences in inks and substrates and what made a Qoro Replica™ a superior product. The science can be difficult to translate into terms that are of any concern to the average person. So we decided to model our guarantee after the old Sears Craftsman guarantee. Break a Craftsman tool and Sears will replace it no questions asked. Likewise, if you damage a Qoro Replica™ we will replace it, no questions asked.

The word damage in our guarantee does not only apply to fading and water damage but extends to damage of any kind. That means if your toddler pokes a hole in the canvas, we replace it.

Why do we ask that the damaged piece be returned? The reason is that the artist has to reissue the number that was on the replica and we need to show them the damaged one so they will sign a new one with the same number.

Have we ever had to replace Qoro Replicas™? Yes. A piece we sent to Australia that was displayed on the deck of a yacht was damaged after 5 years in a salt water environment…outside! We also replaced a large canvas damaged by a gallery during the stretching process, a stretched canvas that received a gash from an unknown source and even 3 prints that were accidentally sliced while an artist was preparing for a show.

Our guarantee will allow you to hang your replica anywhere and in any light conditions with the confidence that it will always remain as beautiful as it was on the day you purchased it.